1.     Managerial Roles for Compensation and Benefits

Although compensations and benefits are becoming better and more extensive areas in any industry, robots will be performing these duties. As companies flourish and grow in size, this will also result in an increase in the number of employees.

10 jobs that will be replaced by robots by 2030
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Therefore, if you are a company with operations in several multi-national markets, human-handled compensations and benefit systems will cause more hurdles than convenience. Imagine the manual data processing, paperwork, time delays, and associated costs.

On the other hand, robots will be able to take all of that hassle away and save you time, energy, and money.

2.     Bookkeepers

Statistics claim that bookkeeping clerks’ jobs will decline 6 percent by the end of 2030. It is mainly because of the automation of bookkeeping functions via several software solutions such as FreshBooks, Microsoft Office, etc.

jobs that will be replaced by robots by 2030
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This is logical because letting the software solutions do all your bookkeeping tasks without any human errors is far more cost-effective.

3.     Telemarketing

This is already becoming a reality as we are receiving more and more robo-calls to promote various products and services. Did you know that the career growth aspect within the telemarketing industry will decline by 3 percent by the end of 2024?

jobs replaced by robots by 2030, telemarketer and telemarketing
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This is mainly because the telemarketing job does not require any social or emotional human intelligence to interact with the customers. The average conversion rate of people buying from a telemarketer is less than 10 percent. Therefore, automation of this job role is far more cost-effective than hiring human staff members on salaries.

4.     Receptionists

You might have had a glimpse of the future already when a robotic voice answers your phone and gave you the options to proceed forward. For example: “Thank you for calling. press 1 for services, press 0 to speak to an advisor…” etc.

10 jobs that will be replaced by robots by 2030, receptionist
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Similarly, as Artificial Intelligence evolves, the robots will take over the receptionist’s job role. In many larger companies, robots are already the operators, directing called to the right departments and people.

5.     Couriers

Do you know about the Amazon Prime Air? It is a drone delivery system by Amazon, where they aim to deliver a package to the customer within 30 seconds of ordering via an unmanned drone.

This is not a scene from “Back to the Future“; Amazon has already been using drones as autonomous couriers.

10 jobs that will be replaced by robots by 2030
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Other companies are also following in the footsteps, and you can see the robots replacing humans as couriers by 2030.

6.     Proof Reading

You can find proofreading software online these days. You can use various AI technologies such as spelling and grammar check on Microsoft Word, among other solutions like Hemingway and Grammarly.

10 jobs that will be replaced by robots by 2030
“Editing and proofreading” by the Italian voice is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There are even several web portals that offer you robotic proofreading services without any human interaction whatsoever. Safe to say, these tools will get better with time and as their reliability increases, so will the portion of proofreading they do.

7.     Customer Support

Although you see some signs of robotic automation in the customer support sector, human interaction is still involved in the process.

10 jobs that will be replaced by robots by 2030, customer service
“PACCAR Parts – Customer Support Center” by TruckPR is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

That said, companies will rely heavily on robots and AI protocols to answer your question and offer any support regarding their product and services by the end of 2030.

8.     Marketing Research Analyst

While marketing research analysts are vital for the development of messages and content of the promotional campaigns, robots can do it better. According to a report, there is a 100 percent chance that this job role will go the robots entirely by 2030.

jobs that will be replaced by robots by 2030, marketing research analyst
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GrowthBot is an ideal example that is already conducting marketing research on local businesses by using simple slack commands.

9.     Advertisement Salesperson

Advertising is already moving away from print media and TV channels. Social media and websites are the platforms of preference for business from all industries. Therefore, your business already does not need a lot of salespeople to market your product.

10 jobs that will be replaced by robots by 2030, advertising salesperson
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As social media platforms evolve and offer more AI efficient marketing solutions, the sales market will move toward self-service. This is where AI and robots will take over a salesperson’s job and make the entire process faster and convenient for the user while becoming cost-effective for the business.

10. Drivers

You can already see the self-driving cars used for commercial purposes. This is due to autonomous driving technology. These cars do not require human drivers and use wireless technology to communicate with other cars on the road via Vehicle-to-Vehicle V2V technology.  It also has a Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technology that allows it to scan the overhead traffic systems.

jobs that will be replaced by robots by 2030, drivers, a self driving car
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Google’s self-drive cars could utilize robotic eyes and hands to communicate with the pedestrians. Moreover, these cars can use object sensors, robotic hands and flashing exterior signage to keep the pedestrians safe.

Therefore, it is highly likely that robots will entirely take over the drivers jobs to make commute safer.

The Take-Away

As machines become increasingly sophisticated and intelligent, robots and AI technology will get smarter at knowing the difference between various situations and human emotions. They will learn to distinguish between happiness and sadness. When interacting, they will be able to gauge the tone of the message and reply accordingly.

We can take solace in the fact that while robots will replace humans by 2030 on some jobs, they will still require someone to supervise and ensure their flawless functionality. ,